Wizishop is a premium e-commerce solution made to create beautiful, efficient and performing websites. Wizishop deals with all the technical aspects so you’ll be able to focus on making sales. With an innovative payment solution for business, Wizishop grants a healthy environnement to grow your online store.

  • A complete solution to create your e-commerce
  • 2 week free trial
  • Small commission on revenue

A simple, powerful and efficient tool to succeed in online retailing.
Created in 2008, WiziShop is an efficient and performing e-commerce solution made to create retail websites with already more than 50,000 subscribers.

WiziShop offers an all in one solution (server, support, coaching and tools in order to create, manage and promote retail stores…).

WiziShop is one of the leaders on the french market since 2008. Its success mostly comes by its business model and innovative offer. WiziShop’s workforce of 30 people gives advice and helps clients in their projects. Considering this, the team works every day to innovate, launch new tools and raise customers’ revenue.

WiziShop offers a 15 day free trial. During this time you’ll have access to the whole features in order to create an online store. During the creation process, no credit card is required or any other engagement.

WiziShop is really active on social networks and gives you the chance to interact whenever fits you the best so you can learn, explore and better understand the service. Find them on twitter @WiziShop.

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WiziShop offers professional designs and a massive library, with dozens of templates optimized for retail.  WiziShop provides an omni channel website that you can consult from your computer, tablet or smartphone. WiziShop is one of the most optimized solution for natural referencing in France.

Different from the others actors on the market, the society’s objectives are for their clients to succeed. By choosing to base their payment on the revenue of the client, WiziShop wants a fair and transparent facturation model : it reflects the philosophy of the business and create a good environment for the clients.

In order to boost your sales, a tool has been made to export your products’ catalogue directly to market places such as eBay & Amazon.

Wizishop helps retaining your clients with emailing and newsletter tools as well as precise stats to follow the profitability of your campaigns, operation of SMS-Mailing are also available. The solution provides a lot of marketing tools to bring life to your store : promotions, events & flash sales, fidelity point, free transport or coupons…

With one clic changes and products easily added to the database, WiziShop brings flexibility and market-base evolutions depending on the actuality.

Considering client services, Wizishop’s clients’ costumers are granted with an computerized parcel-tracking system.

In terms of payment, you can easily and quickly install new modules : more than 30 payment tools are available.

To summarize, WiziShop is a innovative solution with more than 350 functionalities made to improve sales and facilitating e-retailers’ lives.

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