Whoop! is a predictive bid management solution for Google Shopping. It creates an optimized and daily updated campaign structure on item level – also for large sized accounts. Thousands of optimized CPC bids are set daily for every single item of your online store in order to increase your performance. It helps you to automatically build, manage and optimize your Google Shopping Campaigns.

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Predictive Bid Management especially designed for Google Shopping

With the help of a Predictive Bidding algorithm, Whoop! enables the prediction of future revenue and ROAS potential of every single product. Based on historical performance data Whoop! uncovers hidden relations between over 100 product characteristics and their sales potential. Even for your long tail.

Advanced Bid Strategies for better flexibility

Advanced Bid Strategies give you the opportunity to quickly and easily create individual bid strategies to optimize Google Shopping Performance for individual goals. In general, bid strategies can be created for certain brands, categories, custom labels, or combinations thereof.

Optimized campaign structure

Whoop! automatically creates a product-centric campaign structure and enables bid optimization on item level. The superordinate structure can be freely selected and, for example, divided into brands, product categories or custom labels.

Save time and resources with daily automated bid adjustments

Whoop! automatically adjusts bids for your products. Whoop! already helped many customers to track CPC development, avoid unnecessary costs and optimize their performance. Since the algorithm is based on a self-learning approach, it can even assess the optimal CPC bid of new products in the online shop.

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