As an e-retailer, you may send emails with large file attachments (Product videos, descriptions etc.). But most shipping boxes impose file size limits. With WeTransfer you can send up to 2GB of files to your recipients.

The main advantage of WeTransfer, beyond sending files up to 2GB in its free version, is that it is extremely simple to use. You need only fill in your email, email your contacts, describe your message and include your files to send. Click transfer and voila. Your contacts will receive an email with a link to download the files you sent them. It’s also possible to transfer via a link that expires within 7 days if you prefer to send the transfer directly.

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WeTransfer offers a service called WeTransfer Plus which offers a few extra options if simply transferring 2GB isn’t enough for you.

WeTransfer Plus: $12/Month (or $120 annually)

WeTransfer Plus allows you to transfer up to 20GB of data (in any format you like) and to store it on their site to be shared multiple times. They also allow for more customization of download screens (as with the free version, the photos and videos in the background of the transfer are advertisements) with personalized logos. When transferring data, the link does not expire in 7 days, and you can password protect your transfers.