Our company Webmarketing booster was created in 2012 based in France. WMB is an international software editor. The result is a friendly platform empowered with a set of 6 robust tools for e-digital business managers. Added with various options available according to budget and technological needs, to boost your sales revenue!

  • A Unique Multichannel platform, with powerful and predictive e-marketing features, that generates the ultimate user experience and revenue to your business online!
  • Our customers Improve their revenue by using our collaborative features. Further, companies use our predictive data analysis, to forecast potential objectives in terms of stock & price strategy.

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Webmarketing booster presents the E-merchandising feature, an efficient tool dedicated to companies wishing to adjust easily the classification of product listings on each page, using the drag and drop capabilities. More than that E-merchandising solution is a powerful tool that consents hundreds of different possible combinations, thus maximizing sales revenue. E-merchandising works with robust algorithms dedicated to analyse in real time the state of your sales and stock behaviour. Accordingly advises the back office e-manager owner the most suitable strategy.

Expected results: The back office e-manager user, is capable to keep a fast and efficient e-commerce campaign of preferred online products in minutes. For instance; product type or brand partners, best sellers, or price target positions by discounts, promotion, novelty, price, etc.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a powerful solution, that allows e-business managers to model a marketing campaign life cycle using a drag and drop interface. The advantages are analysing and defining business actions according to customer purchase behaviour. For example; an automated response, triggering a customized mail or SMS. Besides, it offers the capabilities of templates to build relevant an adapted content to customers.

Expected results: E-business managers are capable to automate various marketing campaigns, to enhance adoption according to customer’s purchase behaviour. For example; cross sell sales and up-sells, retain program (inactive customers) or retargeting program (raise your abandoned baskets).

Data Feed Manager

Webmarketing booster presents Data feed manager a compelling solution for e-business managers, who wishes to Increase product visibility and traffic. Data Feed Manager distributes products over 50 channels to be Chosen between comparison shopping engine, marketplace, affiliate and retargeting platforms. (Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Amazon).

The WMB dynamic solution is capable to automate marketplace orders directly in the back office WMB platform, then define strategies with several scenarios in real time, as users browse your website. In addition, the WMB solution allows e-business managers to export product catalogue to an ERP, PIM or to a Third party.

Expected results: Business e-managers will manage all channels activated on a unique platform, decreasing bounce-rate and bring back users to the purchasing process. For instance, from 404 pages. Thanks to the block recommendation is capable to increase the average cart by offering or complementary products Improving   R.O.A.S. by using Cross-sell and Upsell rules.


Webmarketing booster cares about their customers proposing consultant expertise services to follow-up their clients progress on their current projects. For instance, SEO and SEM / Social Media Optimization (SMO) / Community management etc.

Forecast optimization :

The Forecast Optimization solution is a tool dedicated to companies wishing to obtain a reliable stock forecast, also to manage efficient stock price and management optimized in real time.

It is feasible to optimize your stock inventory management, and adapt your orders with our advanced predictive algorithms based on user behaviour, seasonality and other environmental externalities. Submit permanently the most suitable product to your competitive environment and maximize your margins and your conversion rates through the Yield Management algorithms.

Expected Results: machine learning algorithms, that analyse in real-time customer data, performance history and environmental data for example; (weather, school holidays, …) Our solution offers optimised product pricing and reliable forecasting stock to boost your profitability!

I-collaboration :

I-Collaboration solution is a dedicated tool for companies that wishing to optimize their team’s communication. Besides to connect with our expert SEO, SEM, SMO and manage your social networks from a single platform.

Expected Results: Communicate effectively with the WMB platform: Your teams will communicate with our “Experts WMB” who will manage your social networks on a single platform. The WMB Experts will support you on strategic issues, also you can request their assistance at any time according to your needs, seasonality and the skills of your teams.

Analytics :

The Analytics solution is a dedicated tool for companies wishing to analyse their results, plus create custom reports and monitor their main K.P.I.s. In addition, Monitor the behaviour of your users, collect your data and your SEO performance on a single Dashboard to improve your strategy and the profitability of your e-marketing actions. Create, share and distribute customized reports and get proactive alerts on your performance.

Expected Results: Make your data communicate and explore them in detail. The Dashboard allow you summarize and display in real-time performance. The WMB applications allow to understand and optimize your investments, using standard reports ready to be shared your team or hierarchy.

WMB is remunerated according to their customers e-sales revenue, contact them for a quote.

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