Watcheezy is a behavioral marketing solution working with a live chat tool. Our strength is in a predictive targeting algorithm, analyzing the behavior of visitors of a website in real time in order to set up a score. Time on site, numbers of pages views, abandoned cart, etc: that data and the click-to-chat tool make it possible to get in touch with visitors at the best time and give them qualified customer support.

The result is an increase of a conversion rate on average of 20%, with a visitor having found what he was looking for on the site, and an online customer experience humanized.

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Watcheezy identifies who to talk to, when and how. Its targeting engine works by watching the browsing visitors on the purchasing funnel. Its simple and intuitive back-office allows set up scenarios where a message is automatically sent to a visitor having validated underlying conditions. It is also possible to trigger a push marketing message to highlight an exclusive offer regarding the client’s navigation. Watcheezy also offers a click-to-call solution that enables converting visitors.

The Watcheezy technology has more than 50 features: chats surveillance by super-agents, prospects exports toward a CRM, advanced reporting, browsing & conversion tunnel targeting, visitor tracking, monitoring of web site, and many more. The targeting rules are cusomizable, as well as the push marketing or automatic messages sent to start chatting with a visitor.

It is possible to export reporting with a real time tracking of agents, sales, and chats management. The Watcheezy chatbox is also 100% customizable so that it can fit perfectly on a website. It is also possible to match Watcheezy with an API in order to recognize visitors already known in a CRM.

Watcheezy is a Plug&Play solution answering issues like conversion rate, abandoned carts, and lead generation. The predictive click-to-chat is a real customer relationship personalized tool. It makes  the sales and customer service job easy because it allows anticipation of the intentions of visitors to personalize the approach.

In addition, the tool is complete and offers a friendly and ergonomic interface for visitors as well as for the agents taking care of chats. Watcheezy is available in several languages, and is ideal to assist in international prospects. The chatbox is responsive, and fits automatically with the size of the screen of a visitor.

Watcheezy is trusted by 120 clients worldwide and fits either for small and medium businesses. The solution can get implemented within 3 minutes without extra development on site. BNP, Fitnext, Bitdefender have tried it and adopted it.

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