TrustedShops is an online verification agency that thoroughly audits e-commerce stores to make sure they’re trustworthy. Verifying over 20,000 shops all over Europe, each e-commerce that wants to wear the TrustedShops badge needs to pass TrustedShops’ rigorous criteria based on legal issues, data and server security, terms and conditions, and etc. TrustedShops offers a real guarantee for online shoppers, offering to help them get their refunds and act as a mediator between e-commerce stores and the end user.

TrustedShops integrates directly into Google, offering customers to rate stores based on their security, ease of purchase, delivery times, and many other categories. Integrating TrustedShops into an e-commerce offers more rich snippets into your search engine results, showing the customer that your store is trustworthy.

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TrustedShops Quality Criteria is based on the following:

Identity and Reachability:

  • Can the shop be easily reached?
  • Is their contact information clearly displayed without having to hunt it down?
  • When contacted, do they respond?

Data Protection and Security:

  • Does the shop handle customer data legally?
  • TrustedShops verifies this and makes sure that the personal data policy is clear.
  • They also make sure that there is a way to unsubscribe from mailing lists, and protects customer payment data through encryption.

Production and Costs:

  • TrustedShops audits the site to make sure all products and their prices are presented in a clear way that is easy to understand.
  • They also verify that these products are legal, and have age control limitations where they apply.

Delivery and Payment:

TrustedShops confirms that the customer is well informed about the delivery of their purchases, including delivery times, costs, delays, and that the customer is informed in the event of such delays.

Ordering Process:

The ordering process has to be clearly identifiable by the user at each step of the transaction, with a confirmation of purchase sent to the customer immediately after.


The customer has to have the right to cancel without unnecessary restrictions on this cancellation.

TrustedShops Guarantee:

Once the e-commerce has gained the TrustedShops Guarantee, the customer is protected against loss of product, money, or other fraud.

From this point, certain quality indicators are taken into account, which need to be maintained throughout membership with TrustedShops, including TrustedShops reviews staying higher than 3.0, with 95% of orders for which TrustedShops guarantee is used without escalation, and any dispute from the customer to TrustedShops needs to be addressed by the shop within 5 business days.

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