There has never been a better time to invest in your international e-commerce business; the international retail industry is growing 4x faster than domestic, and is expected to be worth £28 billion to the UK by 2020.

Thrive Digital provide a full solution to internationalizing your e-commerce through a process called The Mix. The Mix helps to inform development of an effective strategy for growth in international e-commerce. The most successful UK based companies which flourish in the international market achieve their growth through implementing variations of The Mix. They have core values and clear strengths in their offers, including affordable shipping and safe forms of payment method. They know their market, they’ve developed their brand, and they have award winning websites.

The Mix consists of three areas: Market, Brand and Website.


It is crucial to know the market, from customer attitudes to logistical practices. Once you have a strong position in your home market, you can make specific decisions and build your product around this. The most important markets to the UK in e-commerce are USA, China and Germany – what do you really know about these markets and how can your product infiltrate them?

Thrive Digital offers a complete market analysis as the first step of their cross-border plan for your e-commerce. They will analyze the target market for interest in your product, competition, and potential for success.


Brand should be consistent, but also reflect the requirements of each market. Think back to Barbie in China – Mattel did not understand that for the consumers in Shanghai, education and child’s academic progress was more important than fun and excitement in toys. How does your product, brand and message speak to your market, and is it saying the right things?

Thrive Digital will help you tweak your brand to reflect your brand’s image in a way that will speak to locals and help foster brand loyalty with your target market from the beginning. Say good bye to faux pas!


The customer is always right. You need to consider currency, language and support when designing your website. These factors need to be relevant to different countries, to generate a positive user experience. Go further and consider factors like mobile shopping – 60% of people in the UK and 75% in China use mobiles and tablets to search or buy online. Now that Germany and the USA are catching up; how will your website calibrate? Thrive Digital offers site optimization to fit into the purchasing trends of your target market.

The Mix is a proven successful strategy for business growth in online international markets. It is not a complex idea, but the more time and energy placed into The Mix, the more fruitful the future for international e-commerce growth for your product. It is not only important to implement these factors, but it is crucial to get it right.

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  • Site adaptation for target markets
  • Market Analysis
  • Branding/Design adaptation
  • Digital Marketing in target country
  • Site and Communication translation
  • Customer support in local language

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