Tagboard allows you to automatically create a page of interest in connection with a hashtag.

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  • Operating is simple: you enter a hashtag in the search bar and Tagboard automatically searches all social networks and sends real-time results.
  • So you can see your thread on a web page to add value to a site or a news feed store on a specific topic. On TV screens or even large screens (Tagboard includes screens from stadiums and sports events) for events: Tagboard can be personalized for large display, or more discreetly for information that arrives in a constant stream.
  • A moderation system is available to show only essential or relevant information. You are sure that the information that will appear on your TagBoard are just the ones you want with publications that combine quality and value.
  • Tagboard offers live functionality for your different events to consolidate your various communities and link your social networks in one place. The activity thus generated content will bring added value essential to gain visibility.
  • Customization, moderation and community participation: Tagboard binds these aspects in a simple and reliable interface.

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