For global e-fulfillment, Salesupply is your go-to partner, with locationsĀ in more than 20 countries they provide you anything you need to increase your cross-border growth.

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Salesupply offers worldwide logistics services including:

  • E-fulfillment

    • Network of e-fulfillment service providers in the Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Brazil, Russia, and the USA.
    • Warehousing and picking and packing.
    • Returns management
  • Customer Service

    • Available in 15 languages
    • Multi-channel support (phone, e-mail, and live chat)
    • CMS software for customer data
    • Analytics
  • Market Entry Support

    • Market scan for competition and current prices
    • Potential analysis
    • Competitive Benchmarking
    • Local pricing
    • Local market costs
    • Local manual for each country
  • Website Localization

    • Translation by professionals
    • Local look and feel to better reach your customers
    • Usability that match each country’s standards
    • Payment methods
    • Local checkout
    • Shopping labels
    • Local address and phone number
    • Legal compliance
    • Virtual office

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