Pitney Bowes is a truly global corporation aiding e-commerce professionals in cross-border commerce. They offer a plethora of solutions for e-commerce professionals to go international, regardless of your size or what first steps you want to take.

Borderfree Marketplace:

Pitney Bowes offers a global marketplace to get your products in front of 64 different countries. A great way to test the waters in each country, while maintaining little overall investment, the marketplace solution works based on commission and there are no upfront costs. They offer a robust product classification system, with automatic management of goods that might violate import or export rules and the legal issues that go along with it. They also give your customer transparency in terms of pricing so there won’t be last minute cart abandonment.

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Pitney Bowes also offers a solution to getting your store global and independent. The features of Borderfree Retail include:

  • Demand generation from localized marketing campaigns.
  • Website localization with translation, local currency adaptation, country specific promotions and pricing.
  • Customers are presented with Duties and Taxes upon checkout for no surprises.
  • Payment and risk assumption.
  • Logistics management: processed packages from local hubs to get your products out to your customers faster.
  • Customer service with local representatives in your customers local languages.
  • Support including metrics and data on how your customers are buying and what works.

For the end-to-end cross-border e-commerce solution, Pitney Bowes has you covered.