Paynow is an online payments platform leading the market in Zimbabwe. This secured payment gateway offers a single contract for most payment types, via PC or mobile, and fosters customer trust in your site.

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  • Payment is instantaneous, and protects you by detecting and preventing fraud.
  • By providing Paynow with proof of your identity and business registration, you can become a Verified Merchant to let your customers know that you’re a trustworthy e-commerce.
  • There are no set-up or installation fees, Paynow works primarily on commission.
  • You’ll be able to integrate a Paynow with a button on your site.
  • This will allow you to accept payments from ZimSwitch Vpayments, Visa/Mastercard, EcoCash, and TeleCash. Paynow is different in its simplicity, everything from creating an account to linking your bank is incredibly simple.
  • This offers you a great way to accept payment methods common in this region with a straight-forward platform.