ParcelNinja is an e-fulfillment company based in South Africa. Networked and partnered with all major carriers of the region, ParcelNinja makes logistics simple. The process is simple, you send them your inventory, and when your orders come in, they handle the picking and packing, and delivery of your products.

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ParcelNinja offers an API that can easily integrate with most e-commerce carts and gives you up to date tracking on your visits, orders, and pending purchases. You can keep track of your inventory to know exactly when you need to send more or start discounting. You also have up to date metrics at every step of the fulfillment process.

This is a great opportunity for those looking to do e-commerce in South Africa, as the costs of logistics and warehouse rental can add up. Choosing ParcelNinja as a logistics partner can help you test the waters in South Africa in terms of how the market responds to your e-commerce. Cutting down on shipping times and costs is an added bonus, as ParcelNinja, like most 3PLs, has agreements with their carriers for special rates and freight consolidation. Getting into this growing market becomes easier when you have on-site experts who know the terrain to manage the backbone of your e-commerce. For your logistics solutions in South Africa, there is no better 3PL than Parcel Ninja.