Nielsen is your partner in global consumer insight and market analysis. Based and specialized in New Zealand, Nielsen offers unique and adapted market studies into whichever local market you want to reach across the globe.

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Broad segmentation with precise targeting to reach each customer individually. This helps with identifying your most profitable consumers around which you can build your strategy.

  • Segmentation
  • Consumer Engagement


Helps identify what your consumers need and what they don’t yet know that they need.

  • Qualification
  • Launch
  • Post Launch

Marketing Effectiveness

Delivers metrics on how effective your marketing is on whichever channel you decide to choose, and helps you develop a strategy based on the channels where your customers spend the most time.

  • Audience Measurement
  • Advertising Effectiveness

Sales Effectiveness

Deep insight into targeted consumer behavior and shopping trends, what influences their purchases, and strategies to make your e-commerce as shopper-friendly as possible.

  • Shopper
  • Price and Promotion
  • Sales Measurements
  • On-Shelf Solutions