Our location is an asset to your e-logistics, our warehouses are 2h15 from Paris via the A13, 1 hour from Le Havre 2000 port, and close to sorting centers of all major carriers and Express operators. – Matthew Desramé

Based in Mondeville, Mister Logistics is a company making life easier for online retailers by offering to outsource their logistics. This service allows you to save time throughout the preparation and sending of parcels. It is also a gain in terms of cost because your stock will be stored on the premises of Mister Logistics. As stated in the founding of the structure, Mister Logistics has an interesting geographical position as close to a home port and also the capital.

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Mister Logistics also establishing a strong connection with the e-retailer by informing in real time on orders and sales. You are aware of every transaction and can follow the developments and the work done by the company. Mister Logistics receives packages and inventory, then prepares, and packages them, and ships them with close monitoring. You then have a system “turnkey” where you no longer have to worry about the business side and marketing.

This tracking also saves you from investing in a Customer Service team while still providing full support to the customer. For your e-marketing strategy, Mister Logistics also offers consulting in carrying out audits in order to advise you of technical innovations that influence your industry. This company also provides you with information about your choice of carriers. Mister Logistics therefore offers a complete service combining theory and practice to put you in the the best position so you can devote yourself to the parts of your business that you do best.

Mister Logistics works based on personalized services tailored to your needs, so for full pricing options, it’s best to contact them directly.