MailChimp is an email marketing tool which can be used for detailed e-mail campaigns which can be automated for user-friendly and optimized email campaigns.

MailChimp is by and large the most popular email campaign management tool, with over 14 million customers, and has several integrations possible with whichever platform you use. One of the best parts about MailChimp is that it’s highly scalable. Whether you’re a start up or a huge e-commerce enterprise, MailChimp has solutions for everyone.

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E-Commerce Store Connection:

You can connect your online store to MailChimp to set up automatic call-back emails, welcome emails, notifications for on-sale products or back-in-stock products. You will be able to send targeted emails to your customers to boost your conversion and avoid abandoned carts. MailChimp also integrates with WordPress, Woo Commerce, Magento, Shopify, and Big Commerce (and many more).

Flexible design for easy campaign building:

Designing a campaign with MailChimp is as easy as dragging and dropping different elements into your visual composer. No need for HTML knowledge, you compose your campaign visually to see exactly how it will look as you create it.

Email Automation for E-commerce:

MailChimp features quite a few automatic emails that you can set up based on a set of triggers that your users will set off. You can use this to send on-boarding emails, Call-back emails for customers that have visited but not purchased, and promotional emails based on your customers’ wishlists and visited products.

Advanced Analytics:

MailChimp also offers metrics and analytics to better understand how your targets are responding to your email campaigns. You get an in-depth rundown of your CTR and Open rates, as well as A/B testing to see what works best on your users. You can also segment your email lists in order to further target your campaigns.

Mobile apps for on-the-go Campaign Management:

With MailChimps mobile apps, you can manage all of your email campaigns on the go, consult your latest analytics data, and create a new campaign right from your mobile.

MailChimp also integrates seamlessly with all the most popular apps that you and your users already use, like social networks, content management sites, etc. For a full list of all the features, check out their site.

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As previously mentioned, MailChimp is highly scalable. You can either pay a monthly plan with a subscriber limit or you can purchase email credits every so often and prepay $0.03/email.

Prepaid Email Credits:

  • 300 emails: $9
  • 1000 emails: $30
  • 2000 emails: $60
  • 5000 emails: $100
  • 7500 emails: $150

There are also monthly plans which you can use if you send emails more often. They start off pretty low for the amount of subscribers that you get to add.

Forever Free:

  • Build your list of subscribers
  • Create campaigns via templates or create your own with the email designer
  • Free reports and data insights
  • Integrate up to 2000 subscribers
  • Send up to 12,000 emails per month

Growing Business Plan:

These plans are on a monthly basis for MailChimp:

  • $20: 1001-1500 subscribers; unlimited emails per month
  • $25: 1501-2000 subscribers; unlimited emails per month
  • $30: 2001-2500 subscribers; unlimited emails per month
  • $35: 2501-2600 subscribers; unlimited emails per month

Pro Subscription:

The pro subscription works on a $199/month basis, plus the amount for the subscribers that you have.

  • $20: 1001-1500 subscribers; unlimited emails per month
  • $25: 1501-2000 subscribers; unlimited emails per month
  • $30: 2001-2500 subscribers; unlimited emails per month
  • $35: 2501-2600 subscribers; unlimited emails per month


  • Advances segmentation for your mailing lists
  • The ability to have 50 more data merge fields to better customize your emails
  • Automated messages can go out at the same time per time zone of your subscribers
  • Access to an API that allows for transactional one-to-one emails
  • Predicted demographics
  • Up to 8 variations of your campaigns for maximum testing
  • Stop Delivery in case something goes wrong
  • Priority support
  • Comparative reports on each of your campaigns
  • Delivery insights and status reports
  • Compliance Insights

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