A network of influencers, Klout allows you to be “recognized for what you like.” With an efficient system of recommendations on issues that may affect your audience, Klout offers quality content to help impact more people and thus broaden your community in a healthy and beneficial way .

Klout is based on a scoring system in order to control the levels of influences that may have users. On a scale of 1 to 100, a higher score will be assigned little by little as you grow amongst influencers. The tool provides a virtuous cycle: the more you’re known for your Klout topics, the more recognition you get, and the higher your Klout score will be. Klout uses many social networks to establish a reliable result.

Of course, getting a satisfactory score takes time and Klout is there to support you through this journey and gradually build the edifice that represents your personnal branding. Klout is available on mobile and browsers.