To confidently manage your entire shipping process, ITinSell offers solutions tailored to your budget and your needs. Through a centralized management of all your carriers and data, you are sure of the safety of products and transactions.

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  • To save time and simplify your regular tasks, ITinSell offers the Overship this is to use a single system to edit your shipping labels. Used by all transport professionals, this solution reduces management costs through competitive analysis and an informed choice the one with the best features.
  • Overship makes it possible to compare all relevant information carriers, whether national or international, and through select the most suitable filters. The reports are available on the server and therefore accessible from his account on any machine, editions of these are available to print labels on certified standards.


  • Again, this is to simplify your day by offering a single interface to manage the traceability of your products. ITinSell offers unit: no need to visit the website of each airline for the status of an order. Effectively manage your cash becomes simpler and intuitive. All information related to your orders are available: tracing, incidents, complaints … to manage everything directly or automatically.
  • iTrack offers personalized claims following problems that can occur during shipment, as well as a thrust detection of damage. Monitor your flow becomes obvious.


  • A satisfied customer is a customer who knows the state of his order from the beginning to the end of it, for this he must be reassured. Btrust is a solution to make contact with each customer to provide a perfect delivery experience, bringing you a great reputation and a quality brand. You will be able to choose different means of communication with your customers and get the full management thereof: associated with other monitoring tools, you have all the cards in hand to provide the requested information.
  • Several tools are available: the setting of notifications, package tracking pages, set up to communicate in advance the different delivery conditions personalized service to a professional image at all times. Btrust is available in 7 different languages to target a wide audience.


  • To analyze all the information of your shipments and perform accurate datamining your supply strategy, iToth brings a real added value. Taking into account all the information gathered during controls the carrier to the geographical destination of the orders. You’ll be able to know in depth the different logistic flows of your business to build relationships and the evolution, these data over time.
  • The algorithms developed by ITinSell you are proposing to compare your carriers from single repositories and thus consider the points that can be improved. iToth proposed independently but is offered with the purchase of other solution ITinSell.

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