IFTTT (IF This Then That): Rather than having to connect on all social networks, web services or mobile applications, users can easily share their publications with a service to another through the application. Similarly, certain actions that you perform on your digital tools will have consequences on others, taking full advantage of the emergence of connected devices in our daily lives.

It aims to be as simple and accessible as possible, it is also available on both mobile and browser, and gives users the choice to share their “recipes” (name links between two applications) created, offering and a wide choice available to start connecting available tools.

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Useful both for professionals and for individuals, IFTTT will be a handy companion as adaptable to as many situations as you can imagine, with the majority of web services and social applications available, you can expand your network simply and without wasting time. Upon sign-up, IFTTT shows you how to create your first recipe: if the next day’s weather forecast says rain, IFTTT will notify you by email. So there are two elements to our recipe: the trigger  and the action taken.

You can then choose from a wide selection of channels from a range of software and websites, be it social networking, news, user software, sharing, or even to connected objects , this choice will allow the site to offer you recipes created by others that you can use.

IFTTT of services fall into two forms, firstly, the “If/Then” giving their name to the site. They symbolize the classic recipes proposed so far. These recipes allow you to enhance your digital navigation with practical tools to manage your data (save attachments received via email directly to a drive, synchronize information between Facebook, Twitter, etc …).

They can also be useful due to synchronization with connected objects, and especially for your smartphone: turn off the ringtone from a certain time, like sending a simple text to change the volume, and many others.

In addition to these recipes, IFTTT offers a second category: “Do”. Used on mobile, this button provides a touch of a screen to perform a simple and customizable action. Again, the application can interact with your software and sites like with everyday objects. Set the thermostat at home? Turn off lights remotely? Send an e-mail? All this is possible in an instant.

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