Market leader and true juggernaut, Google Analytics provides you all the data you need to monitor the traffic of your website. With information about traffic, the keywords used, visitor channels, and their character (recurring and new), Google Analytics is an excellent tool for optimizing and analysis.

This is the major tool on the market and has several tutorials to take on the many possibilities available. Your navigation will be decorated with graphs, tables, and customized graphical data to always know what you need at any time.

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Track your website traffic and its sources through the acquisition tab to understand where your visitors are coming from (which is especially useful in determining which of your campaigns are the most successful. There are hundreds of different metrics and data to help you optimize your site, with information as detailed as demographics, language preferences, and common interests.

Powerful other tools specific to Google features can be added to make Google Analytics an indispensable tool for the proper maintenance of a site and the deep analysis of the data received. This is absolutely the best way to track where your clients are dropping off of your site and why. It won’t take much time to get it up and running, Google Analytics is pretty straightforward for website integration. Google Analytics is absolutely free to use and integrate.