Your e-commerce site has no real metric identifying either anonymous or known site visitors’ intent to purchase? DXi solves this by providing you a “likely buyer score” in real time for ALL your web visitors, both anonymous and known, on their propensity to buy your product or service using 25+ Machine Learning algorithms

By understanding your buyer’s intent, you can have a laser-like approach on your messaging and improve your web visitors’ user experience. This will:

  • Improve online sales conversion
  • Reduce customer support costs
  • Increase brand loyalty


DXi Score (Digital Experience Index) single, FICO-like DXi score combines:

  • Demographics
  • Transaction history
  • User engagement of site experience elements
  • Social Media Sentiment Index (SMI)

24/7 customer support

  • Phone or online

Simple plugin install

  • 8 lines of Java Script on your site
  • 15 minute install

We are offering a 60 day trial.

We are also looking for Machine Learning use case participants (you’ll be paid) with a minimum of 30k monthly web visits.

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