Staying on top of the latest information may be a difficult and daunting task, fortunately for us, there are now many useful tools to automate tasks and reduce the workload. This is where dlvr.it, a simple tool that lets you create routes from your RSS feeds to redistribute the information on social networks. 

Very customizable,with filter components and several settings, dlvrt.it allows you to send a constant and steady flow of information on social networks (with timing which you can change) and so promote your website through enhanced visibility. You can customize feeds and easily choose which articles you will share on social media.

LikeBuffer, you have a simplified, centralized interface to plan, manage, and get analytics for your various social medias. Combinable with other tools like Google Analytics or bit.ly, dlvr.it provides exceptional comfort to anyone who will easily expand its presence on social networks. What’s interesting about Dlvr.it is the automation that you can do between accounts that will share the same content.

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Dlvr.it Basic:

With the free version of Dlvr.it, you can set up several different social media accounts and automate their posts from various feeds (or even other social media accounts). You have access to analytics based on how well a publication did and what you overall reach is.  For the free version, you can connect up to three of the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter,  Google Plus, LinkedIn (personal) and Linkedin (Company), Tumblr,  App.net, and StockTwits. The free version only allows you to put up to 10 posts in your queue.

Dlvr.it Pro: $9.99/Monthly (or $101.89/annually)

The paid version of Dlvr.it allows all the above functionalities including publishing on Pinterest, and creating custom RSS feeds. You can also connect multiple accounts from any social media (up to 10 accounts total). You can also automate and curate up to 50 feeds into your dashboard with 150 posts in your queue. The Pro version also allows you to bring on 2 team members.

Dlvr.it Agency: $149.99/Monthly (or $1,529.89/year)

Dlvr.it Agency is for those who need to connect hundreds of accounts and maintain a large following in social media. It allows you to do everything that Dlvr.it Pro allows, plus connect 250 social accounts, 1500 feeds to your content curation dashboard, and bring on 10 team members for collaboration.