Diigo is a social bookmarking tool allowing you to condense your resources around personal  or professional interests in one place.

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  • From sign up, Diigo puts you in touch with other users sharing your interests. You can then share, view, and index information from anywhere.
  • Diigo is also a toolbar that becomes an indispensable tool for the best potential use of the site. Through this, you can use data on a page and save it quickly by highlighting key passages which will be directly added to the tab.
  • The social side is also added to registered pages, users can easily comment on your findings, and perhaps the biggest advantage of this tool, the integration of public and private groups allowing you to easily  converse.


The free version of Diigo allows you unlimited bookmarks in your content library and highlight 500 items and screenshot 100 photos.

Basic: $7/ year

Diigo Basic removes ads and allows you to highlight up to 2000 items in your bookmarks for easy sharing.

Standard: $40/ year

Diigo Standard allows you to do everything you can with Diigo Basic, plus you get unlimited highlights, unlimited images to save, and unlimited cache with full text search.

Professional:  $59/ year

Diigo Professional allows you to get unlimited PDF annotation and unlimited outliners, with everything that comes with the standard plan.

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