To plan your publications several days in advance, Buffer is the perfect tool. Offering an accessible interface, Buffer allows users to configure their publications on many social networks on scheduled hours and days.

  • Buffer is very useful for companies with daily publications who want to have a better presence on social networks; no need to publish throughout the day. With Buffer, planning your publications is simple, fast, and easy.
  • After writing your desired message, simply choose which media it will be published and voila.
  • Buffer allows you to choose feeds from popular blogs and use your content inbox to plan article publication easily.
  • Once you click on the “Add to Queue” button, you can personalize the publication, add hashtags where you want, tag people on other social media accounts, and either browse the photos from the article or add your own from your computer.
  • Buffer allows you to connect multiple accounts and share the same publication to several accounts at the same time, providing an easy content curation tool for those who really want to master social media.
  • By determining how many times you want to post per day, you can have a regular (or random) publication schedule based on your time zone so that you’re sharing your content when your users will be online.
  • With each publication that you choose to share, you can even plan for it to be shared at a specific time. Buffer also auto-shortens links for Twitter use, and gives you a character count to keep your Tweet under 140 characters (even with a photo).
  • With the various items in your queue, you can shuffle them to make each publication random (which is especially useful if you add many things from one feed at a time), and the browser extension for Chrome allows you to add things to your queue (or multiple queues) with the click of a button as you’re browsing the internet normally.
  • Buffer even offers a mobile app for content curation and sharing on the go (though compared to the web platform, the mobile app is limited- but it does add things quicker).
  • Each post can then be personalized easily by simply clicking on Edit.
  • You can also move items to the top of your queue and share something instantly. Like many apps like Buffer, you can also create your own publication within the platform.
  • With a graphical option to calibrate the images according to the platform on which it will be published, Buffer gives users powerful custom tools to reach the public.

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With Buffer’s free plan, you can add one social profile per platform (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, and Instagram). You can also install and use the Chrome browser extension and mobile app. You have access to Pablo, the image creator partnered with Buffer, and you can share videos and gifs to your various social media feeds.

You can also use the optimized timing tool and track the link clicks from your publications.

Awesome: $10/Month (or $102/year)

With the Awesome Plan, you unlock 10 social media platforms (as many accounts as you want under whichever platforms you use) and you unlock being able to add Pinterest accounts. You get everything you would have in the free plan, plus access to RSS feeds, a calendar for publication, and you can keep up to 100 publications in your queue.

Small Business: $99/Month (or $1009/year)

The Small Business plan offers a few more options than the Awesome Plan, like being able to bring on 5 team members and queuing up to 2000 publications for your social media accounts. You can also connect 25 social media accounts and have access to in-depth social analytics for your various accounts.

Medium Business: $199/Month

Using Buffer for Medium Business allows everything included in the Small Business Plan, but you can connect up to 50 social media accounts and bring on 10 team members for collaboration.

Large Business: $399/ Month

Buffer for Large Business allows you everything included in the Small Business Plan, but you can also connect up to 150 social media accounts and collaborate with 25 team members.

Buffers paid plans are available for a 14-day free trial if you want to give it a look.